Software solution for Information Process Management

What is Hivergen?

   Document Management Solution - DMS - All your documents are at your fingertips

   Process Management Solution - WF - Approval processes become faster, efficient and more productive

   Business intelligence - BI - One click insight and decision making

Document management and archiving

Business process automation, workflow

Business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting solution

Your organization is specific
Hivergen adapts to your existing processes

Main functionalities

  Process modeling
  Record management
  Task management
  Custom reports
  Process analysis and optimization
  One click approval

  Document storage(pdf, word, jpg)
  Mass scan mode
  Fast document search
  Adaptable input forms
  Document templates
  Web access

Our goals


Main advantage of Hivergen is it's adaptability. The customer doesn't need to change his organization. Hivergen is adapting to your organization and to your processes.


Customer gets only the functionalities he needs. Simple and "one click" solution.


Our mission is to make your approval and decision making process faster and efficient.