Hivergen is a software tool that enables document and information process management.

Invoice management

Hivergen IPA

Invoice management solution Hivergen IPA allows simple, fast and effective invoice management. It is possible to liquidate the invoice from the employee that received it, trough managing sectors all the way to upper management if needed in just a few clicks. The process is faster and automated, and the benefits are seen already in the 1st week after the integration.


ISO documentation management

Hivergen ISO

ISO standard is a significant aspect of every organization that want's to continuously improve it's business. That is the main reason to have a standardized procedure of documenting and distributing information. Hivergen ISO offers a simple way to track information that are the base for decision making in business quality improvements.


Work order management

Hivergen WO

Work orders are a strategic part of every company's development and they need to be managed correctly. The work rder has it's lifespan, the beginning and the end. It is important to track every step, and act if necessary. The result of work order management is transparency (who has how many work orders, how long, who is the principal, who approved it, etc.), deadlines are met and in the end of the whole process the customer satisfaction is greater.


Other processes

Hivergen solution is flexible and applicable in many process management projects.
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