Invoice Process Management

It simplifies and automates invoice processing

 Approve invoices with a click of a button

In invoice approval process a lot of information is needed in order to approve the invoice. Hivergen IPA gives all necessary information to decision maker on one form. This way invoice can be approved with one click.

Hivergen IPA saves time. It switches manual approving with digital, and it is faster. Problems with approving:

 there is no information who ordered products/service
 double payments
 invoices physically travel from one location to other
 invoices are copied multiple time
 invoices need to be approved by person in remote location

 invoices are lost
 important data missing - signatures, cost centar
 management needs to be in office to approve invoices
 current status of invoice in unknown
 invoices are in infinite loop

Every organization has some of this problems.  Simple invoice approval process is described below in a few steps.

  Receiving invoices

When invoices comes to organization in physical form they need to be scanned and imported in Hivergen IPA where automatic code will be assigned. Description information like: partner name, invoice number, different dates and amount can also be added. Digital version goes into approval process and physical invoice is been archived or sent to Accounting department.  

 Invoice liquidation

Employee in charge for invoice liquidation gets notification about new invoices. He validates invoices, adds cost centar, related contracts or purchase order. When all necessary actions are finished, he will digitally sign the invoices and send them further - he doesn't need to know who is the next person in process because the process is automated.

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    Management approval

When liquidation is over, approved invoices goe to management inbox. Management have all necessary information for fast decision making: PDF invoice, dates, signatures, notes, related contracts etc. With one click approval functionality  management is able to APPROVE or DECLINE invoices and send them further in process. 


They have all necessary information - defined cost centre, signs of relevant and responsible employees and they can process the invoices. 


 Invoice approval process is been optimized, automated and faster.

 Digital version circulate through organization and physical invoices are archived (or goes directly to accounting).

 Remote approval - employees doesn't have to be in office.

   Invoices can be easily found. In every situation employees that have rights can see status of selected invoices.

   Accounting and quality departments have better insight.

   Invoices can't be lost.

IPA Workflow

Invoice process workflow can easily  be adjusted to organisation needs. Organisations have the same logic in invoice process approval, but Hivergen IPA enables small adjustments specific for certain organisation. Those small adjustments seem unimportant for others but can be very important for certain organisation.

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