Document Management Software

Documents keep vital information for successful business. Imagine all the places where your documents could be: on table, in registry maps, on desktop computer, in mailbox, on network storage, on memory devices. Or they could be in Hivergen.


Document archives:




   Pictures, emails

   ISO documentation

   Calculations, bills of materials

Hivergen DMS is adapting to the way you work. It is a central storage of all your vital documents and informations.

DMS sustavi za upravljanje dokumentima   

Archive of digital invoices

Main functionalities 

    Storage map – invoices, contracts, requests, work orders, travel orders, ISO documentation,  employee records

   Description fields – date of receipt, who check it, who approved it, status, location, warning date

   Scanning, digital storage - single and mass  documents scanning, storage of all digital documents

    Searching - simple and fast searching by all description fields

    Commenting, sharing, permission management, grouping, notifications

Upravljanje poslovnom dokumentacijom

Stored invoice

Advantages of Document Management System

    All documents are in one place

    Documents are accessible in a few clicks

    Remote access

     Documents can't be lost

    There is only one version of document

     Save time on finding documents

Direct savings

    Saving on paper and copying. Research shows that every vital document in organization is copied at least 10 times

    Saving on registry and physical archive

Indirect saving

    Time! Research shows that every employee spends at least 2 hours a week  searching for documents 

    Decision making becomes faster

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