Business Process Management


Hivergen WF is a tool for business process automation of documents and information through organization. Imagine the situation where original document came to the organization but you have no idea where it is now and what is happening with it.

Hivergen WF helps organization to model business processes. Path of documents or information through organization is visible in a graphic view. You can easily see what is the status of a certain item, where is it now and how long it is there. 


 Sample of purchase order approval process   


 Anyone in organization can create an order request

 The order request goes to the responsible employee who can approve or decline it

 The approved request goes to the employee who has all necessary information for ordering

 Who initiated the request

 What needs to be ordered

 Optimal delivery date

 Who approved request

Questions like "Who initiated request? Who approved it? When it has been created?" will no longer be asked. Everything will be in Hivergen



 Organization is becoming more efficient and productive

 You can easily customize your processes

 Workflow is addapting to your way of work, to your processes

 You can do your job faster

 It saves time

Process management can be used at:

 Invoice process management

 Specification approval

 Customer requests approval

 Proforma approval

 Contracts approval

 Work order management

 Vacation requests approval

 Travel order approval

 Price list approval

 Change management

 Newspaper article approval

 Technical manual approval process

 Social networks status approval

 Plans aproval

 Medical report circulation

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