Business intelligence software

The main purpose of Hivergen BI is to produce flexible reports that customers need. Simple and easy to access reports allow quick insight to daily business, better and faster analysis, planing and decision making. Report examples:


   Sales by employee

   Sales by region

   Yesterdays production

   Value of stock

   Stock quantities by age

   Total costs and grouped

   Customers by product group

   Time expenditure by project

   Combined comparison by years, months, days or employees

   Incomes by bank account

   Incomes (sales) value

   Incomes (sales) by products

   Incomes (sales) geographically

   Salaries, bonuses

Hivergen Business intelligence software  

Main advantage of Hivergen BI is in quick access of desired information. The displayed data can be easily grouped, filtrated and compared. That way it is possible to get easy access to information that was hard to reach, like:

   Overproduction of a specific product

   A customer is consuming more employee time than needed

   Quick and easy time period comparisons (daily, monthly, annually)

   Production time comparison by product groups

The system connects to an existing database (ERP, CRM, accounting applications). Information are shaped and presented simply and reader friendly. Hivergen BI allows:

        clear business overview

        easier control



Hivergen on your example

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